Chess carved from oak

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Classic oak chess with carved figures. Chess is made exclusively from natural wood, namely oak. The contours of the playing field are outlined in a white frame. Along the edge of the playing area, the Board is made in black, and the numbering and letters are in the Gothic style. The sides of the Board are decorated with various carvings, and chess knights and a rook are carved in the center,as well as a powerful castle. From the end of the sidewall of the box, there is also a thread and a pawn. Figures - oak, carved. The entire chess box is covered with high-quality varnish, which guarantees perfect condition for many years to come.

Detailed dimensions:

  • Chessboard folded (30×15×9) cm;
  • unfolded (30×30×4.5) cm; cell (3×3)cm.
  • King pieces 10 cm; pawns 6 cm

Chess is made of natural wood, - oak.

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