About Us

Welcome to our online store "Mega Backgammon"! We are located in Moscow, Russian Federation.

We specialize in backgammon, chess, checkers only handmade. These games are our passion!

Since 2010, our small but dedicated team has been working tirelessly to provide our customers with the highest quality Board games. This year we are celebrating our 10th anniversary!

What makes us different?

• First of all, we are not Resellers like many other stores and websites. In fact, we develop and produce almost all the products that you will find in our store. It is no coincidence that most of our products can be purchased exclusively from us.

• Secondly, our support service is legendary. If you have any problems or problems with one of our products, we will fix them! This is our rule!

• Finally, we take great pride in creating quality products that are one step ahead in many ways. We are obsessed with quality and perfection. We pay attention to every detail to ensure that you get a product that is technically correct and made from the best materials.

For ordering to the regions, we guarantee delivery on the day of payment!

We thank you for your trust. We are happy to share our family of quality products with our valued customers.

You can contact us at any time by phone: +7 (925) 219-8878

Mega Nardy Team